Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finished until the next time

So I've taken a little bit of a break. OK, a little more than a little. See, the idea was that I wouldn't blog because then I would have time to write my EER because it is that time again. Except that it didn't really work and mostly I just trolled facebook and looked at Buzzfeed all the time and watched re-runs of Big Bang Theory. My favorite is the one where Penny gives Sheldon Leonard Nimoy's DNA for Christmas. Which brings me to this.

Leonard Nimoy passed away and I am and always shall be a big fan. I miss him. I really wish Sheldon would get on cloning the DNA already and make us another Spock.

Here are some other things you missed while I was not writing my EER:

I have orders! Husband still doesn't because our travel tech, who is the same person for both of us, didn't believe I was an officer and therefore wouldn't issue Husband's orders even though she had already issued mine. Even when he sent my already issued orders to her, she said it wasn't possible for me to have my own orders because his file clearly said I was not an officer. Sigh. I know. It totally doesn't make any sense, but this is the way the Department is--every time you move it's like the first time anyone has ever moved in the history of the Foreign Service. You would think we would be better at this by now, but you. would. be. so. wrong! But still, I have orders! So at least one of us will be moving to India in July. The other one gets to keep The Dog.

We went to Texas for Spring Break And Child 2 killed lots of clay pigeons and soda cans at Grandpa's shooting range in the garage. Child 3 looked around one day and said Texas isn't a stereotype at all because people actually live like that! Yep. We wear boots and listen to country music and say y'all a lot. And there is lots of good barbecue. We took The Dog with us because my dad actually really likes The Dog, and she's marginally better behaved than when we got her, if by marginally you mean she is less like Voldemort and more like Golem, which I do. She still hates birds. And babies.

Child 1 is done with her Freshman Year! She comes home on Sunday and I can't wait a minute longer. Sunday needs to get here soon. Did you know that apparently now instead of taking a final you can make a video about what you learned and post it on YouTube? I so wish they had that option when I was in college because I would have rocked video finals.

And of course the entire family being together means that I leave for Africa for three weeks on Monday. It's my last trip and to several countries I haven't been to before and I'm very excited because I actually really love traveling to Africa, even though I have to fly on airlines like Bob Air which I'm hoping this time has real planes that fly and I don't have to load my own luggage and doesn't look like this.

And also, my EER still isn't finished, but then you knew that. My supervisor is awesome and offered to write my area for improvement in Haiku. I returned the favor by writing him the least helpful welcome home notes ever. For those of you not in the Department, welcome home notes are basically a list of everything important that happened while your boss was away that you give him when he gets back from wherever he has been. So since nothing really important happened, our notes are filled with things like "Bob is hungry, Sarah had a sandwich for lunch, Victoria got a mosquito bite and thinks she has Ebola." He will love them. And he already finished his part of my EER, so it's too late anyway.

So you know what is better than a brownie? Fire tornados in your backyard! OK, not in my backyard, but still you have to admit that this guy was pretty ingenious. Those are fans, in case you want to try to replicate the effect which I am totally not suggesting you do unless the fire trucks are already on their way anyway.

Fiery Vortex | Impressive display of swirling flame.

No, Child 2, you may not make a fire tornado in the backyard. Save that for Grandpa's garage.