Wednesday, March 26, 2014

She's alive!

I want to die. OK, not really. What I really want is for someone to take a saw to my jaw and hack out the painful part. You see, I went back to the dentist today to get a temporary crown for one of my molars and the drilling today was even worse than the double root canals. Seriously. Throbbing pain. Now I know why people hate the dentist. When I see him next week, I just might have to punch him in the jaw to help him know how this feels.

And that picture doesn't even come close to depicting real tooth pain. So I'm going to bed early after I take whatever is left of the Tylenol with codeine that he prescribed me for the root canal which I didn't need. But first, I am going to put up a teaser for whenever I finally write about my awesome trip to Africa where I didn't have to go to the dentist even once. This is what it looked like.


That is a sunset on the Congo River seen from the Kinshasa side. Amazing and truly better than a brownie. I seriously have the best job on the planet which I will totally brag about in my EER which I am going to write tomorrow. I promise. If my tooth gets better.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Tomorrow is another day. . . nah.

This week was a doozy. Husband was delayed two days from returning from his TDY in the tropics because of the awful snowy weather. It is still freezing and snow is everywhere and I am so over winter. Thankfully, I am going to Africa tomorrow where I will not have any winter in sight. Nope. None. They don't have snow in Africa except up in the mountains, and I will not be in the mountains. I will be here.

Not a mountain in sight. And as a bonus it is the rainy season, so I'll go from 12 degrees F to 98 with 99% humidity in one day!

But more importantly, this week was career week at the Middle School which if you read my blog from last year you will remember I won. I know, it's not supposed to be a competition but it so is and I won again! Only this time not with students because the World Wildlife Fund lady brought stuffed snow leopards and there is nothing in the Department that can compete with that. But I brought props and showed people things they never knew which were super cool and the teachers and even other Department employees kept asking if they could have a turn. I may even have recruited a couple of teachers to take the Foreign Service exam. Totally not the point of Middle School Career Day, but I won!

OK, so now I have to get back to working on my EER which is what I'm supposed to be doing instead of blogging. But before I go back to finding things to brag about myself, you know what is better than a brownie? Missing Daylight Savings time.

You see, because I'll be traveling on Sunday, I get to skip the whole clock forward thing. Sorry children! You still have to get up an hour earlier. Good luck, Husband. You're on your own for this one. Hahahahahahaha! Sorry, I mean, let me know if I can help in any way. Which I can't. Because I'll be in Africa! Hahahahahaha! Sorry. Really. But it is very nice to just let you handle this one on your own.