Wednesday, March 26, 2014

She's alive!

I want to die. OK, not really. What I really want is for someone to take a saw to my jaw and hack out the painful part. You see, I went back to the dentist today to get a temporary crown for one of my molars and the drilling today was even worse than the double root canals. Seriously. Throbbing pain. Now I know why people hate the dentist. When I see him next week, I just might have to punch him in the jaw to help him know how this feels.

And that picture doesn't even come close to depicting real tooth pain. So I'm going to bed early after I take whatever is left of the Tylenol with codeine that he prescribed me for the root canal which I didn't need. But first, I am going to put up a teaser for whenever I finally write about my awesome trip to Africa where I didn't have to go to the dentist even once. This is what it looked like.


That is a sunset on the Congo River seen from the Kinshasa side. Amazing and truly better than a brownie. I seriously have the best job on the planet which I will totally brag about in my EER which I am going to write tomorrow. I promise. If my tooth gets better.

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