Monday, November 17, 2014

It's like 13,000 out of office messages

You may have heard that the Department was hacked and all our systems were down. This is only partly true. OK, mostly true. OK, it was totally true except that some things worked a little bit. Just enough for me to partly do a lot of things until I got to the part where I needed something that wasn't working. So I sort of mostly finished a bunch of stuff almost. It was not as productive as one might have hoped.

The other thing about the outage is that I haven't heard from Husband in 5 days except for one short e-mail from his hotel when he had WiFi once. When he was in Afghanistan, I would have been panicked by now and would have tried calling his office and maybe have stopped breathing a time or two. But this trip? Nah. Because he's going to places like this.

I know! He and I work for two different Departments. The one I work for sends me here.

And this will be my next TDY in two weeks.

Yep. Next TDY to a place where the food won't kill me but the air just might. However, shopping galore! And oh, the food! If only I could eat it because you might not know that soy sauce is made with wheat. Such a bummer! So Husband, sorry. I'm not too worried. Enjoy your tropical work vacation where you wear Hawaiian shirts to meetings and people bring you drinks with umbrellas and cover you in flowers. I need to stop blogging now and look online for some face masks to bring with me. And maybe a nebulizer. And some oxygen tanks.

The world running out of chocolate is not better than a brownie, but that is apparently what is happening. I think it might be in large part Child 1's fault. It is certainly not mine, although I do occasionally supply her chocolate habit. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? Oh, the humanity! Science must fix this, quick! And while you're at it, could you find a way to make fake chocolate that tastes like the real thing but that I could eat that wouldn't give me hives? Please? I might be begging a little. OK, I'M TOTALLY BEGGING! Just think about it--you'd make a billion dollars, or however much I have in my bank account anyway.

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  1. Glad you got your TDY but sad you won't be in class with me!