Monday, May 19, 2014

And then over there

So Africa was awesome. This time, I had more time at each post--a whole week! And I had awesome traveling companions. I have never ever laughed so much on a TDY and I've never had so much fun working so hard. The posts were great, the people there were lovely. And also there was this.

Yep. That is an actual giraffe that I actually saw in Africa. I finally got to see animals! There were also crocs and ostriches, zebra, gazelles, and a rhino. It was like playing SimSafari, only for real! And I only got sick at the end. So yay!

And I think the children missed me. Child 1 looked absolutely stunning at prom and even FaceTimed me while taking pictures and made me cry. For Mother's Day, which yes, I made them celebrate a week late yesterday because it's my day! Yes, for Mother's Day, she showed me her English assignment. I know you are thinking that having completed the assignment was gift enough and you are right! But also, it was in large part about her relationship with me and how much she loves me. Child 1 actually loves me! Yes, I know she is contractually obligated to because I am her mother, but still. It's nice to know every once in a while that it can be voluntary.

Child 3 only missed the bus once and Child 2 is her regular cheerful self, especially now that I have signed her up for the summer camp that she wants. Husband is not so excited to drive her down to this camp because it is over 4 hours away, but I told him fine I will do it since now that I have earned about a billion hours of travel comp time, I actually have leave to burn! This is like a whole new life for me because if you remember from my previous blog, I used up all of my leave when Husband was in Afghanistan. So now I am the one traveling and he is holding down the fort and it is a little confusing and exciting at the same time.

But I am tired and I have been telling people that I am all traveled out which is so true except that I am leaving this weekend for Central Asia. Yep. Seriously. Traveling again only a week after I got home. Because I am a glutton for punishment and also my office asked me today to go help out a post in need, so off I go! No giraffes this time, but I might see a yak or two. This is life in the State Department. They weren't kidding when they say we are supposed to be worldwide available. I just didn't know they meant the whole entire world in the same week. If I survive all this travel, I'm going to really deserve an award. Or since no one ever nominates me for one of those, at least some new shoes.

I'm not sure if traveling to two different continents in two weeks is better than a brownie, but I know that having a leatherback sea turtle crash your wedding definitely is.

Not only did she photobomb the bride, she also laid eggs, which is a rare and beautiful event. That has to be good luck and an incredibly auspicious beginning to their married life. We did not have turtles at our wedding, but if some had crashed, we would definitely have let them in. And for the record, Child 2, that turtle is brown. Not green. Just saying.

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