Friday, May 2, 2014

There and back again

So I am leaving tomorrow for Africa. I know you are thinking that I just got back from Africa and you are so right! I'm kind of tired of traveling so much and I just want to stay home. But I work for the State Department and when they say you must be "worldwide available" apparently for me it means available to travel to Africa at a moments' notice any time they say. So off I go. This time I will be gone during Child 1's birthday and prom and Mother's Day so you can see why I'm not so excited. The birthday and Mother's Day can be celebrated when I come home in two weeks, but there is only one Senior Prom and it won't happen again. Not that she would let me come and see her at the dance anyway. And I missed my own, so I suppose I'm just doing my thing. You'll never guess why I missed my own prom! No. Seriously. Guess! Yep. I was sick. With a stomach thing. Which they never really diagnosed. That one came with a fever as well as severe pain, so I suppose it wasn't just gluten.

I'm still a little sad that I missed my prom because I had an awesome dress. It was awesome and didn't even look remotely like this.

Seriously, why did they ruin that awesome 60s prom dress and turn it into a bag? And didn't anyone in the costume department ever hear of strapless bras? I know they had them in the 80s. Anyway, my dress was very fashion forward and there was no crinoline or huge sleeves and there was not a single bow to be found. Nor was it satin. I still have it. It fits Child 3 whom you may remember is 11. She may have worn it to be Queen Elizabeth a couple of years ago. And it might be used for dress-up. At least it got used since it never got worn to the prom.

Child 1's dress is very fashion forward and also has lace and got a thumbs up from the Vietnamese lady who is hemming it who I think speaks no English at all. But you don't need to speak the same language to show that a dress is too long and I'm sure it will be just fine when she hems it.

You know what is not better than a brownie? Losing your car to a sinkhole, that's what. This is a picture of Baltimore after the most recent rainstorm.

If you know American geography, then you will know that Baltimore is basically just up the street from DC. The Potomac River is very full. We don't need any more rain this year, thank you. And also, it would be nice now that it's May if I could put away my wool sweaters. But apparently, this is the Year of Never-ending Winter. But it will probably be really warm in Africa, so I won't complain. Well, not much anyway. Or at least not on my blog. Maybe.

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  1. I know! I never understood that re-made dress -- the character's supposed to be so talented, and that's the best she can do? Sheesh. Anyway, we miss you! Enjoy your trip,