Monday, June 2, 2014

Yeah. That is better.

So we have this white board to help with family communication which has my work number and Husband's desk number on it. It also has at various times said do your homework or don't forget to walk the dog and things Child 3 has borrowed without permission. But I was bored the other night, so I wrote the following.

Reasons you love your mother:

1. Chicken a' la King
2. Because otherwise your would be late for everything
3. Shoes

and the children added these.

4. Because she is awesome :-D
5. See narrative by Child 1
6. Because she is there.

I'm pretty certain that last one was from Child 3 who isn't all that thrilled with me tonight because I am making her do her homework. But still. I think they love me. Apparently, the seniors had to give their projects in front of an audience. Child 1 read her essay about how much she loves me and then played a guess where in the world I am game with photos from her childhood. So she puts up a photo and says where is this? And someone in the audience yells Hawaii! And she says Child 2, you are in the picture! You're not allowed to guess! Which Child 2 thought wasn't fair because Child 1 was giving Starbursts as prizes for guessing the right answer. Sometimes I so love Child 2. I love them all. Even when they are not doing their homework. Seriously, Child 3! Get off the computer!

You know what is not better than a brownie? Burning your house down because you are smoking with a cold.  

These are tissues. They are made of paper. Paper is flammable. If you smoke while blowing your nose, they might catch on fire, and if you then drop the burning tissue, it can burn down your house. Literally. Really, I shouldn't have to explain these things, but you never know. Child 2 might get ideas. She does love lighting napkins on fire.

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