Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Not really the greatest day ever

So I woke up yesterday with a migraine which really sucked because I had to get rid of it before I went in for my root canal in the afternoon. So I took a boatload of medicine and went back to bed, and then had someone dig holes in two of my teeth and scrape out the roots. So no. Not a fun day. Thankfully, my office is awesome and they handled stuff for me while I was lying down wondering why it felt like the drilling started before the actual drilling and was it ever going to end. This is an amusing picture, but the drills are way too small.

So tonight I feel better but I am lonely and bored so I am watching the Bachelor get dumped. Finally, after umpteen seasons, a girl figured out that he wasn't really that into her and she is berating him for not trying to get to know her. Because he doesn't have to. Why should he waste any time asking about her when there are 20 other women willing to fawn on his every word? It's actually really enjoyable and I want to jump up and cheer. You go girl! You are absolutely destined for better things and deeper relationships.

This almost could have been better than a brownie because who doesn't love Hagrid? Oh wait, not Hagrid.


Nope. That's Harry Potter pretending to be Hagrid or at least trying to shed his Hogwarts image. It's in fact a little scary to see Daniel Radcliffe so scraggly because in my mind, he will always be 11 and cute as a button. I suppose all children grow up because mine certainly are. But thankfully, mine won't have so much facial hair.

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  1. Eek! NOT a good look.

    Hope you're feeling better, Hon. Missing you.