Saturday, February 22, 2014

Paradise lost

Apparently, there is no internet in paradise. Or phones. I so want to go TDY to a tropical island and not have any phone or internet. I bet I won't have either in Africa and it will be Husband's turn to worry about whether or not I've been chomped in half by a hippo. There are no hippos in his paradise. Maybe sharks, though.

So, for his benefit, just in case he checks my blog. Here is what has been happening. First, my iPod died which is a disaster of tremendous proportion because I cannot fly without my iPod because I cannot sleep on planes unless I am playing sleep sounds on my iPod so the fact of it's breaking meant that I had to get it fixed. Except here is the thing about iPods--you can't fix them. They said try rebooting it. Seriously, like I hadn't tried that a hundred times. And then they said try putting it in recovery mode which I had also tried before and they tried again and it didn't work. So then they said I dunno it looks like a hardware failure and I wanted to say the Genius Bar is not so much filled with geniuses. So I had to buy a new iPod which was a bummer because they are not cheap and I had already paid a bundle to fix my phone.

Oh yes, because my iPod was broken, I was listening to music on my phone during my commute and I dropped it on the bricks. And it looked a little like this.

And I had to borrow Child 3's phone and no one could get ahold of me for the entire week. And I have to have a phone so I took it to the mall and instead of saying, well gee we don't know maybe it's a hardware problem, they said sure, we can fix that. Just leave it to us. So I did and they did and now I have my phone back and a new case which will hopefully keep it from breaking and also not using it like an iPod.

Child 2 & 3 went to a play tonight and had a great time together. And Child 1 and I went grocery shopping and bought all kinds of snacks which were mostly cheese.  And we had a lovely dinner and now I'm watching a movie that Husband wouldn't be interested in at all. Because I can because I am not TDY in Paradise with no internet.

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