Thursday, February 6, 2014

Watch out for the trucks!

First, it's my Dad's birthday, and although he doesn't read this blog, my Mom does. So Mom, give Dad a big kiss from me when you read this. And show him this. He will know immediately where it is from. And Child 1 and I need to watch it again soon.

But apparently the truck that ran me over wasn't management but a cold. I've been home in bed for two days except for the part where I went to the dentist and he told me I need all new teeth. No, not exactly, but if I want to keep the ones I have, I need two root canals and a crown. I asked them if they could work it around my Africa schedule, because my trip may be back on. They said fine. Do the root canals first, then the crown then some cleaning and fillings. Ugh. Thankfully we have dental insurance because otherwise there goes Child 1's college tuition. She won't mind. Maybe she's always wanted to go to cosmetology school, anyway? How expensive is cosmetology school? OK maybe just a hair braiding course or two. Why do I need teeth anyway since I can't eat anything?

So I was reading this story on Slate asking why parents complain about their children in their blogs and don't we know that doesn't make people want to have children? And the answer is duh, we don't care if you want to have children or not. We are too busy trying to keep ours alive without going crazy. The going crazy part is about the parents, not the children. They are all already certifiable. Seriously. Look up crazy in the dictionary and it will say "anyone under age 18." And I'm not even sure about the 18 part because Child 1 is getting really close and she still has those moments when I think Martians have sucked her brain out through a straw and put in one of their own and she is making no sense! And then something happens like she loves my dinner or watches Star Trek with me or brings me mints.

And then I remember all over again why I am a parent. Because I love the children with a fierce intensity that borders on obsession and any little tiny crumb of attention they give me is enough to fuel the fire for another 10 years. That's the way parenting goes--you sacrifice everything of yourself for these greedy, insensitive, wonderful, amazing, beautiful people that you made yourself and they will never, ever get that the whole purpose of your life is to turn them into something that can not just fly, but soar. And you don't care because just one kiss on the cheek is enough to make you do it all over again. That is what parenting is all about. Well, that and having an excuse to watch The Muppets without people judging. Animal is totally better than a brownie.

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  1. It's from the Great Escape, of course. Happy Birthday, O Dad-of-Jen!