Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Therapy for free with food

I was run over by the management truck again today. There I was, minding my own business, when zoom! Somebody who is several levels above me decided to make an example of my TDY and so it has been cut in half and may still even canceled. It's not that it's a boondoggle, because I do cover some really non-luxurious posts in Africa after all. I'm not asking to go to Paris or Tahiti or Singapore or Rio. I am trying to go to a place that has intermittent electricity and where you need 5 shots before you're even allowed to think about going there. So you would think that would not be such a big deal. But it might look bad if I were out of the office for two weeks to go to Africa. I wanted to scream look bad to whom? Blind people? Drunk people? People wearing their spouse's glasses because they got mixed up on the night stand? You can see where I'm going with this because nobody who sees straight would think it looks bad to send an officer to help out in Africa especially the part that doesn't have resorts and safaris. The part I'm going to looks like this on a good day.

So I was feeling pretty badly about the trucks running me over and also I'm still sick and I don't like to talk about it and I thought I should skip dinner with my fellow bloggers, but Husband said I shouldn't and Child 1 says I need friends. So I went, and it reminded me why I love hanging out with Foreign Service women. They are smart and witty and fun and we can sit down and instantly click. I was seated next to two people I had never met before and we just had a blast. Or at least I did. I can't speak for them, but one of them told me I was beautiful and that was before her 4th beer, so I think she meant part of it. But at any rate, I love being associated with such a group of talented accomplished women and I'm glad they let me hang with them because I needed that. It was awesome and I might even have been inspired to try yoga. We'll see.

But here are a few things that are not better than a brownie--brussels sprouts, bananas, and sour patch kids. I tried those last ones today when I needed a sugar fix and they are sugary, but they are not brownies. Also, I think the food coloring took 5 months off my life span. They were freakishly bright. But I am going of dairy to see if that will help with the stomach issues and really there are only so many candies to try that don't have wheat or chocolate or dairy. So technicolor candy shaped like children it is! That is so very creepy. Somebody help me find something else, quick.


  1. Technicolor Cannibal!


  2. It was so fun to get to chat with you for a few minutes. I'm glad you came!