Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tomorrow is another day, maybe.

Day 10 of EER avoidance. My co-workers, most of whom are civil service and therefore don't need an EER, have take to calling it EERRRRR, which you have to say like you're growling and really makes me feel much better about the whole thing.

The good news, though, is that spring is finally here after a winter that lasted about 5 months too long and now Washington looks like this.

Husband and I actually walked to the Mall to take this photo at lunch yesterday, which was awesome. Or it would have been if we both weren't so stressed about all the eerrrrrrrs. No, it was actually a lovely break, and it made me so happy I didn't even care that not a single food truck had gluten-free food. OK, I cared a little, but I didn't get hangry which is a word and why no one thought of it before is beyond me because it perfectly describes how cranky I get when there is no food. My friend "Caroline" knows this because she got me a gluten-free cookbook from America's Test Kitchen and it is awesome. There are lots and lots of dessert recipes in it and I am going to test a bunch next week, beginning with lemon bars. I will let you all know how it goes because I know you are dying to find out if it is possible to make gluten-free lemon bars. Well, we'll see next week!

You know what is better than a brownie? Pictures of the Royal play date.

Prince George first play date

That is the future King of England playing on the rug with other babies in New Zealand. And he is cute as a button. Seriously, you could just pinch those chubby cheeks all day! What an adorable little guy. 

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