Sunday, October 12, 2014


I am leaving today for my two week TDY and am leaving Husband in charge. I am scared. Not that Child 3 will miss the bus like she did several times during the last TDY. Thankfully, her bus comes almost an hour later this year. No, I am scared because I am missing trunk or treat and Husband will be in charge! I am devastated that I won't be back in time to compete. We had a whole awesome Star Wars theme planned and we were so going to win! But no. It is not to be. Husband is on his own which means there might be a pumpkin or two that he throws in the trunk and the children may or may not have to make their costumes out of paper bags. I had better do something so they don't have to look like this.

So wish me luck! Or rather, wish Husband luck because he's never been in charge of Halloween before. And just in case you are wondering, missing trunk or treat is NOT better than a brownie. So not fair.

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