Thursday, January 15, 2015

The ghost in the dog

So I can hear someone walking around upstairs and I thought, oh, Child 1 must be home, except that she's not. And it wasn't her. It must have been a ghost, or more probably The Dog. If only Child 1 could take The Dog to Hawaii, my life would be a lot easier and there would be fewer worries about ghosts. Also, The Dog would keep all the men away and that's not so much of a bad thing.

So it was science project time again. Remember that beluga whale that Child 3 had to make with the fins that moved and Husband left it to me to figure out? Well, this time I left him in charge and it was a veritable nail biter. At 1 am last night, Child 3 still wasn't finished with the project which involved lighting things on fire, shooting them with a laser, and then roasting marshmallows. Seriously. That was the actual project. I bought her the laser. It's actually a thermometer, but laser sounds more fun and like Star Trek.

But in any case, the project is done and we know lots about setting things on fire.  No parents were harmed in the production of this science project, unless you count the fact that I was so tired this afternoon that my eyes were crossing. Now I am helping Child 2 with her English homework and I trying not to fall asleep sitting up. I am only succeeding because there is not enough room in the bed for me to lie down and Child 2 keeps threatening to sing the llama song. If you do not know what the llama song is, I envy you. Once experienced, it cannot be unheard. I really do not love the llama song.

So onto other things even more unpleasant. The world is continuing to fall apart and sending in small children to kill adults on video is not better than a brownie. It is evil and it is making me sad. So here is something that is better than a brownie and I hope it soothes you as it does me. I'm going to stare at it until I fall asleep and maybe I will dream of Venice and not missing Nigerian children or the ghosts of Paris or anything else horrible.

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