Monday, January 12, 2015

What's a little inconvenience compared to that?

First, I'm fine. The worst didn't happen and I'm completely grateful I don't ride the yellow line and very sad for those who did today. For those of you not in DC, you can read all about the metro commute today here:

Thankfully, I didn't have to ride home in that. I'm not even going to make any jokes because one person already died and two are in critical condition. And we have no idea what happened and why. It feels like the world has gone crazy because last week there was this.

And also this which no one appears to be discussing in the news because we're all so impressed that George Clooney wore a pin supporting France.

No that supporting France isn't important, but somewhere between 150-2,000 people were killed in Nigeria during the same time period, and the media isn't covering it because they are all too busy gushing over J-Lo's cleavage at the Golden Globes. I was so excited to find Americans supporting France and free speech and I changed my own facebook photo to say "Je Suis Charlie" but then I heard the news about Nigeria and my heart broke. Abuja is one of my favorite posts I've ever visited and the people of Nigeria have always been warm and welcoming to me and it is so very awful that they are facing terrorism on a daily basis and we are ignoring them.

So this week, I'm not only Charlie, I'm Nigerian. I am with you Nigeria and so are my prayers. Nothing about today is better than a brownie. Not even Emma Stone's Golden Globes pants. And they were awesome. I'm just too sad to compare them to brownies.

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