Sunday, July 21, 2013

Too much time on my hands

Husband should really not leave me completely on my own on a Saturday because I get bored and then something like this happens.

You see, I went to get my hair done, but my stylist doesn't take appointments so I had to wait for two hours, and instead of sitting in the salon, I thought I would just pop over to Williams and Sonoma and buy more gluten free flour. And the clerk there, who I must say is very good at her job, showed me where the new pancake mix was and then pointed me to the back where the sale things were and I found a cast iron Le Creuset on sale for 60% off. And it is pretty and blue. I'm really excited because I have always wanted one. I have a Le Creuset dish that I inherited from my grandmother, but it is small and has no lid and is more of a baking dish. But this one will make incredible stew because you can brown the meat really nicely and then put the whole thing on simmer for hours and even stick it right in the oven if you want. Marvelous. And so is my new purse. (I told Husband he should not leave me alone on a weekend!)

The other thing about being alone (except for The Dog who is faithfully protecting me from birds and shadows) is that you can eat whatever you want. Last night I had crackers and cheese for dinner, because why cook on a hot day? And today for lunch I ate an entire pizza. OK, it was a really, really small gluten-free pizza about the size of a small tortilla. But still, I didn't have to share. And if I want to eat an entire bag of root beer barrels for dessert, who is going to stop me? (Children, if you didn't want me to eat them, you shouldn't have left them here.) Root beer barrels are delicious, btw, but they are not better than a brownie. Neither are gluten-free crackers, yuck. At least the cheese was yummy, but still no brownie.

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  1. Oh, good. I'm glad you got something for yourself at W&S, too. I love my canning labels and can't wait to use them with you and whichever munchins you care to bring, once I'm settled into my new kitchen.