Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So how is halfway-done done?

The problem with not having to blog every day is that you don't have to blog every day. Plus, Husband has been home and there have been other things to do. No, I mean cooking. We decided this weekend to get out our cookbooks and make some stuff. So we did. We made Italian and Spanish and Moroccan and Chinese--all gluten free of course. The Spanish zucchini with potatoes was awesome and Bistecca Pizzaiola is definitely a repeater. However, the Pumpkin Tagine surprisingly had no pumpkin in it and frankly, my lemon curried butternut squash was better.

But the Chinese food was awesome. Superb. We bought real Szechuan chilies and Szechuan peppercorns and black vinegar. I didn't even know that black vinegar existed, but it is apparently essential in Szechuan cooking.

We made real Kung Pao chicken and spicy garlic eggplant. And not a smidgen of gluten in the entire dinner. It was amazing, but cooking gourmet takes a lot of time and we ate dinner at around 9 each night, which is fine if you don't have to go to work in the morning, but I do, so thus the not blogging. But tonight, Husband is out with the children, so I had gluten-free cookies for dinner. Because I can. And there were no Chinese leftovers.

And I am tired. More tired than you can imagine because I have spent the last three days running around trying to get my computer account transferred all the way from one side of the building to the other and it has been the worst kind of futile exercise. Sisyphus had an easier time with the rock than I have had with the computer people. When you send them an email, they fill out a "ticket" and when they are finished, they mark it "resolved." So they moved my account out of the system it was in and marked my ticket "resolved." Except I still can't get into the new system. So now my account is in limbo and I can't print and I can't use the scanner and who knows when it will be fixed, because, you know, it's so hard to move an account because the other side of the building is so very far away. It's like on the moon, and no one in the State Department ever moves. They all just stay in their jobs forever. In one place. And never move. Ever. Seriously. Ugh.

OK, bagged lettuce that gives you a parasite is so not better than a brownie. Now, I love salad. Sometimes, that's all I have for a meal, that is, when I can find a dressing that's safe. (Stupid maltodextrin!) But Husband has become a spinach salad convert and he insists on having one every night for dinner, even if what we're having is mostly vegetables, which I kind of think means you don't need a spinach salad, because hey, carrots and squash are just as healthy and have butter on them. But Husband disagrees and when he is home, we eat bagged lettuce all the time because I am way to lazy to wash and cut my own lettuce. But I have to say, if I am going to choose something to eat that will probably make me sick, it will not be a big bag of lettuce. It will be this.

Can you imagine how good that would taste with the caramel filled ones? I so miss brownies.


  1. can you post any of those recipes?

    1. Lynne, I would be happy to post them. Which ones do you want? I'll put up the zucchini and Bistecca ones tonight, but let me know if you want the Chinese ones as well.

  2. Your priorities are seriously messed up, girl. Why would you want to eat well and have good times with the Prodigal Husband when you could be entertaining ME?

    Get with the program, will ya?

    Artemis (and yes, it IS all about me)