Friday, August 2, 2013

When halfway equals all done

I know they are making progress on my computer account because now I can't log in at all. Before, I had a work around so I could sort of half do my work. But today, I couldn't do any of it. So of course I spent hours on the phone with the computer people trying to figure out why I was completely kicked off. And of course they were all very nice and said lots of things about servers and transfers and it was all complete gibberish to me and I had to keep reminding them to speak to me as if I didn't understand because I completely did not understand what they were saying.

But here is the thing--I speak geek. Really. In a previous life, I worked for a major software company and I completely get things like servers and log ins and transfers, so if I can't understand what they are saying and I don't get what they're talking about, then who does? It does not make me confident that they can solve my problem. But I am going on leave for a week to finally spend some quality time hanging out with Husband and the children and so I am just leaving my account in its limbo and I hope no one really needs me because if they email me, they won't get my out of office message because I couldn't set it. Because I couldn't log in. I swear I'm in one of Dante's circles of Hell. Either that or I'm about to get crushed by a giant rock.

Saving someone from an oncoming train is better than a brownie. This man in Iowa  saw an elderly couple stuck on the train tracks and he literally pushed their car out of harm's way.

That must be him reenacting the incident. But at any rate, he's a hero, to the couple he saved and everyone who loves them. Even brownies can't beat that.

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