Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why is it only Wednesday?

It cannot be Wednesday. It has to be two weeks from Friday. Honestly, I don't think this week could be any longer even if Husband were still in Afghanistan. I feel like I've been running to catch a train for hours and hours and Nope. Missed it again. I don't know what it is about this new job, but I sit at my desk all day and by the end of the day, I can hardly move and my head is pounding and I'm not sure I can keep up the pace. My last job let me set my own schedule of what to do each day, which even I realized at the time was a great luxury and truly unusual in the department. This one still gives me a lot of autonomy, but I swear every time I blink I have 15 new urgent emails all requiring action today because people are waiting! Come on! Get to it! One person called to ask why I hadn't sent out an e-mail she asked me to forward that morning. Um, because it's number 135 in my queue and I haven't even read it yet?

I remember my very first job in the department which was adjudicating visas. And by adjudicating I mean listening to people yell things in Chinese at me all day long while I tried to figure out what they were saying and if they were lying to me mostly based on body language because I don't know what I learned in Chinese class, but it certainly wasn't what people were yelling at me. And after straining to hear and understand and make sense of things over and over and over again all day long, Husband (who had the same job but got paid more, sigh) and I would come home, flop down on the couch and be so exhausted we couldn't make a single other decision. Not even what to eat for dinner. We ate late lots of nights back then. And also ordered in a lot because I was way to tired to cook. And you know what? This current job is even harder than that. Or maybe I am just older. Either way I am too tired tonight to be funny.

Thankfully, I have awesome children and I called Child 2 today and told her how to make dinner which is you throw eight boneless chicken thighs into a crock pot with two cans of Progresso creamy mushroom soup and a can of mushrooms and cook it on high for 5 hours. Then serve it over rice. She did it exactly right and I even texted her how to use the rice cooker, and when I came home dinner was ready and I didn't have to cook it. It was my night for dishes, though, but that doesn't require as much brain power. I think I might do this more often. The forcing children to cook part, not the dishes. I still don't like dishes.

You know what is not better than a brownie besides having to do dishes? Getting arrested for shooting an arrow at a jail. That is wrapped in marijuana. And you miss anyway.

Apparently, this guy was no Katniss so his friend waiting on the second floor of the jail never did get his contraband. Creative, but not the most successful stunt. At least they both get to hang out in jail together now. Good friends. Good times. Not.


  1. I'll tell you, my mom and dad had my sisters and I cooking dinner from the time we turned 8. By the time I left high school, were cooking every night except Saturday. We ate a whole lot of spaghetti pie, tuna casserole, and turkey tetrazzini but that's because that was all my sisters could figure out how to make. Sounds like you're already miles ahead!

  2. Oh hoorah! I'm back on line. Finally!

    The better to pester you with hundreds and hundreds of e-mails, Darling.