Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wait, how many years is that again?

Today is my anniversary. I celebrated by eating a kabob and reading a book. I know you are thinking that isn't a very romantic anniversary, and you would be right. But Husband is still on home leave so I am by myself. I'll see him tomorrow and we'll celebrate later.

I know you are also wondering why Husband is on home leave without me and what is home leave anyway? Home leave is probably the best idea that congress ever had and it is a forced vacation federal employees have to take when returning from overseas to help reacquaint themselves with America. However, only the employee who has been overseas gets it. So I have just finished the hardest year of my life by far and at the end of it, Husband gets another vacation. We have already established that I have hardly any leave at all, or really none, so I didn't get to go with him on his home leave. I know. Life is not fair and neither is the Department or I wouldn't have to buy myself shoes because I didn't get an award.

Speaking of shoes, this story makes me very happy and is almost, but not quite as good as a brownie. You see, it says that men in the UK spend more on shoes than women. This does not surprise me one bit because you know that I secretly (OK, not so secretly) believe that British designers are out to get me and hate women and this just proves it because they make such marvelous shoes for men. See these beautiful shoes for men? They are so lovely and buttery that I would wear them myself. They are almost good enough to eat. But they cost 195 pounds, which is about $305. And they don't come in my size.

And this is what they make for women.

See? I told you they hate us! That shoe isn't even close to a brownie. But these are. Husband, if you are reading this, Kate Spade makes great anniversary presents!

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  1. Husband: If you're reading, it's the middle shoe that Wife **really** secretly wants. (Hint!)

    Happy Anniversary and many, many more!

    Adonis and Artemis