Thursday, August 8, 2013

Selective color blindness

I have a brother-in-law and several cousins who are actually color blind. I know it exists. My grandma swore my grandpa was, but I think that was just willful oblivion and a strong desire to wear his Hawaiian shirt as often as possible. But I know it is a real thing and people who are actually color blind totally get a pass on sorting laundry.

Now, my children, on the other hand, will look at a pile of dirty clothes on the floor and say, nope, nothing light in there. What about those pink shorts, or the yellow shirt, or those khaki capris you have been wearing all week. Nope. Nothing that needs to go in a lights wash. Sigh. My only consolation is that someday, when they are grown up, they will be in charge of their own laundry and if everything they own turns out gray, then it will completely not be my fault. This guy didn't listen to his mom about how to do laundry.

However, thank you notes left on your pillow by one of your children just because are way better than a brownie. She totally made me cry. She may be color blind and laundry averse, but she is a sweetie for sure. Also, these come close to brownie wonderfulness. They aren't at all like brownies, but still, yumminess in every bite.

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