Saturday, August 10, 2013

So THAT'S what it's supposed to look like!

A couple of months ago, Artemis and I went to a fancy shop that sells olive oils and balsamic vinegars and it was a revelation. Balsamic vinegar is not supposed to be runny. It is supposed to be thick and luscious. Also, it comes in white, too. The problem is that in the grocery store, what they sell you is fake balsamic. So I bought some of the real stuff and tonight, I ate it on a beefsteak heirloom tomato with some of the olive oil I bought in Greece and it was incredible. Best dinner ever. OK, not entirely, but there is nothing like vine ripened tomatoes and the balsamic vinegar was perfect with it. And also the fresh mozzarella, and the basil from my garden.

I'm discovering that food is like fashion. The cheap stuff is OK and even great on occasion, but the real stuff is worth paying for. Sometimes. Like this leather jacket I saw at Last Call which is the Nieman's outlet which is near the balsamic vinegar store. It was beautiful and buttery and on sale for $5995, which is not really a sale I can afford. It was nice to look at, but so not worth the price. Now, the Kate Spade heels for $85, I'm going to have to think about those. That might be too good a deal to pass up. Repeat after me, I don't need more shoes. I don't need more shoes, but I so want those shoes. Sigh. Maybe for my anniversary which is this week? Is it OK to buy shoes for my own anniversary present?

Walking up 48 floors to your luxury apartment is not better than a brownie, although, if you lived there and you are not allergic to chocolate or wheat, you could eat as many brownies as you want because when they built the apartment building (which is in Spain,) they forgot to put in an elevator.

I have to say, that even the North Korean building where the elevator shaft is too crooked to use was better than this. The company that is selling the building because the original one went bankrupt says it's not a problem and it can be fixed. I don't see how, though, since there is no shaft. So good luck to the people who have already bought apartments! I hope you like walking, and that the stairwells have really, really good air conditioners.

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