Friday, August 23, 2013

That is so not the same thing!

We went to our favorite Thai restaurant that has gluten-free food and had our customary Thom Ka Gai, which is spicy coconut and chicken soup. And it was awful. Really terrible. So bad that I couldn't finish it. I made up for it by having a second helping of the Pad Thai. But it was so disappointing. Next time I'm going to order the green papaya salad instead.

My new office is very conscientious about my needing gluten-free food. They want to make sure I can find something for lunch and that there are things for me to eat and drink at happy hour. I find it very touching. I'm not used to other people looking out for me. I was feeling sick this evening and Husband brought me a glass of soy milk. And some fresh ripe mango. I was so surprised I said what is this? And he said your blood sugar is low so I brought you some fruit. I was stunned. But very happy. Who wouldn't be happy looking at this?

OK, Child 1 wouldn't, because she hates mangoes. But then she also doesn't like tomatoes, so what does she know? OK, I take that back. She knows a lot. I know that because my e-mail has been inundated by colleges who are courting her and want her to come to their school solely based on her test scores. So good on you, Child 1! Next time, could you please use your own e-mail address?

This picture is better than a brownie. In case you can't tell, that is The President of the United States sitting at that table talking to some students. And that is a misbehaving toddler on the floor whose mother is laughing in the background. Because when your toddler is misbehaving in front of The President, all you can do is laugh because the Secret Service might just arrest you if you tackle your child and try to get him back in his stroller. Once, Child 3 danced in front of Secretary Colin Powell and laughed and he said into the microphone that he didn't know his jokes were that funny. I will always love him for that. And kudos to the White House photographer for snapping one of the best pictures of the year.

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