Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why Fritos are the perfect food

We had Frito Pie for dinner again. I love Fritos. I once judged a cooking competition and one of the judges said that Fritos weren't a real food so the cowboy salsa couldn't win. I disagreed completely, but the problem was this particular judge out-ranked me in a big way, so my opinion didn't count. But Frito Pie is quickly becoming a staple at our house. Here is the recipe--put some Fritos on a plate, pour on some hot chili, top with shredded cheese. Deliciousness ensues because the Fritos have that salty corn crunch and go perfectly with chili, and who doesn't love cheese on chili? And for all you food snobs out there, Emeril Lagasse Has a Frito Pie recipe and he is a real chef so it is a real food.

Next time, I want to try adding chilies and maybe sour cream. And maybe make my own chili.

I'm getting inspired by Chopped, which is fast becoming one of my favorite shows. They are making desserts from mamey on this episode, which is a fruit I had never heard of and I have heard of a lot of weird fruit. Like mangosteen which I had the first time I went to Thailand and they are delicious. So are jack fruit and rambutans. But mamey sapote is apparently native to Nicaragua and looks a little like a papaya.

I so need to get to Central America. Really, anything south of the border because I have also been to Mexico. That is still a sore spot, especially since my Grandfather was born in Mexico and I have never been there. Thailand? Yes. Hungary? Years ago. New Zealand? You betcha. But Mexico? Never. Or I should say not yet because I. will. get. there. Someday. Just not this year because I have to go to Africa first. Needs of the Service, you know.

Child 3 and I were looking at a story on the internet when we saw these pictures. Now, I love SJP, but Child 3 doesn't know who she is and she is convinced that the dress on the left is definitely not better than a brownie.

Child 3 describes it as a netted unitard with peacock feathers. She's got a good eye for fashion, so I'm going to have to agree with her. The one on the right is a much better use of feathers. So thanks, Child 3, for the good tip on making sure there is enough "dress" in my dress. I will definitely not be wearing net in the future.


  1. I need Child 3 to come over this morning and help me dress. I can't find a THING to wear!

    Lady Gaga

  2. How come your Frito Pie doesn't have rice? Mine always did...and now I'm craving Frito Pie, even though my lips hurt after eating Fritos and I haven't had it since I was a teenager, maybe at Girl Scout camp. You'd open up the individual bag in the middle of the back and use the wrapper as your bowl.... Or did we split it down the front? Hmmmm.

    Can't talk, drooling now.