Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Friendly skies indeed

My friend Brynn reminds me that her husband is a physician who has never forgot his responsibility to his patients. And that is true. So I apologize to Dr. Brynn's Husband. And if he has any ideas about why it hurts to eat and laugh and type on my laptop, then I'd be happy to hear them.

OK, on to funnier things. Rapunzel got a haircut. And by Rapunzel I mean Child 3 and by a haircut, I mean that I cut her hair and took off about 8 inches and it's still really long and she is very happy, so it's all good. I really actually hate cutting hair. I'm not afraid to admit I'm a complete amateur, so sometimes I get it right and sometimes I fail miserably. Once, I took Child 1 to a hairdresser and the lady said why is her hair like this? And I said because I cut it myself and she wiggles. Child 1 was p thinkretty little--around 8 I. But she wasn't as bad as Child 2 whom I had to basically chase around the house with scissors and snip when she stopped to put something in her mouth. That thing about running with scissors does not apply to mothers who are trying to trim a toddler's bangs. I need this shirt.

This "father" on a flight sitting next to an autistic little girl did something that is better than a brownie--he entertained the little girl by letting her play on his iPad and by talking about Disney princesses. It was a very kind thing to do and made a mother's day. Isn't that girl just as cute as a button?

Flying with a preschooler is hard, but flying with a preschooler who is on the autism spectrum is excruciating for everyone and more difficult than sitting through a root canal without painkillers and not screaming, theoretically, or so I imagine, kinda. OK, I'm speaking from experience and I apologize to that kid whose seat she kept kicking for 11 hours straight while yelling that she was bored bored bored!, really. 11 hours. But that guy went the extra mile and may many more people read this story and be inspired to be kind to the kid in the seat next to them, or behind them.


  1. Still waiting for my new wig of 8"-long gorgeous red hair. I'll match Child 3 and be happy!!!

    Auntie Artie

  2. Unless you want a diagnosis of conversion disorder, you'd better stick to your other doctors....just saying. :) (I remember once at church a young mother type came up to me and said "Oh man, I really needed your husband's professional skills today!" and I became suddenly very alarmed for her....but she was just looking for regular doctoring. He is not so good at all that. hahah. k.