Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No more mojo

I've lost my mojo. I'm not exactly sure what mojo is, but if it's what inspires me to blog, then it's gone. All gone. This is what I think of whenever someone says mojo, but I don't think that's what they mean either.

Also, it hurts to put the laptop in my lap because I'm still having that little eating problem that the doctor doesn't know what it is and it's extremely annoying.

But you know what is better than a brownie? A snow day after a three-day weekend. Yes, government was closed again today because there was a big storm coming and it was going to arrive right during the middle of the day, so the commute home would have been awful. A few years ago, they didn't close and the storm fouled up everyone's commute and my friend told me it took him 4 hours to get home to Vienna. That's in Virginia, not Austria. And yes, I know everyone in states that actually have a lot of snow thinks we're all wimps, but if your town only had one snow plow, you would be wimpy, too. Also, no one has snow tires.

See that tiny little snow plow? That's it for the whole area around the Capitol. It probably takes care of the entire National Mall. So If you want the government to stay open during snow storms, then you should tell Congress to appropriate more money for snow removal. And you know how likely that is to happen--I'm more likely to be Champion on Dancing with the Stars, and since it's not Dancing with the Mid-level Foreign Service Officers, we've got about a 0% chance. But if it were Dancing with the FSOs, I would totally rock.

So since Congress won't be coughing up money any time soon, I used my snow day wisely by taking a long nap. It was awesome and didn't involve going out in the snow at all, unless you count getting things out of the fridge in the garage, which I don't. So now I'm going to watch that miniseries about Aldrich Ames and go to bed. Love snow days. Love them. It's the only good thing about not living in the tropics.

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