Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Here is what you missed

Hiatus is over. Here is what you missed:

  • Three batches of Norwegian waffles
  • 10 minutes of opening presents
  • 2 degree Fahrenheit weather
  • 15 hours of binge watching on Netflix
  • three sick days
  • one telework day
  • snow
  • a minor fender bender
  • a CT scan
All caught up? Good. Now let me rant a little bit about the U.S. health care system and what is wrong with it. I've thought about it a lot and here is the problem with American healthcare in a nutshell--reserved parking spaces.

No. I'm serious! Let me explain. You see, I went back to the hospital for like the millionth time to have yet another test run which will take an unfathomable amount of time to process and for which I still don't have the results and I had to find a parking spot in the garage which I had to pay for, and as I was hobbling into the hospital (because every step is painful and no I didn't break my ankle again) I walked by about 50 reserved parking spaces marked "for physicians only" most of which were empty and all of which were right by the elevator and I realized that this is exactly what the problem is. Physicians are employees and employee parking is supposed to be in the back by the storage entrance. Not right smack up against the elevators.

Doctors are not celebrities and they are not handicapped (usually) and if they are disabled, then they should use the parking spaces for handicapped people. I am the sick person and I am paying the physician with my own hard-earned money to find out what is wrong with me and s/he has completely forgotten that I am the employer. Nurses don't forget that. Technician's don't forget especially when they want you to fill out a customer satisfaction form. But when was the last time you ever got a customer satisfaction form from your doctor? That's because they don't care. They really don't care about you or your illness, or the fact that you can't eat and you have no energy to blog let alone walk a mile from the parking lot which you have to pay to get into to see them. No they don't care about that at all. But I bet they care when they can't get a primo parking spot! Sorry. A little jaded at the moment. If you are a physician and I have offended you, I really don't care. Unless you can find out what is wrong with me. Then I'll apologize to you in person, as soon as I'm feeling better. 

(And I completely make an exception for my family doctor who once wrote me a prescription for a maid. I love her. She parks in the back.)


  1. I get satisfaction from my doctor all the time....oh you meant like when you have an appointment? hehe Actually he walks over hill and dale because no hospital he ever worked at let them park anywhere convenient.....and he used to get uncomfortable when I would come park close to the door in Korea even after business hours because they would holler at us. And one time in Hawaii I got a TICKET because they said I wasn't a patient (when I was...just married to a doctor.) Sorry you are having trouble though. k.

  2. Netflix rocks. Hunting for parking when you're already feeling crummy does not. I want waffles.

    p.s. I love you.