Friday, January 24, 2014

Now curtsey

I've discovered the cure for the doldrums is cotillion classes. No, not for me, for Child 3. There is nothing that will lift your spirits more than watching sixth graders  dance the waltz and swing. They are adorable. And awkward. And a little sweaty. But they are so much fun to watch mostly because you know with all your heart that you will never be that awkward again, and no matter how many left feet you have, you are still a better dancer than an 11 year old boy.

I do not have two left feet, and in fact, the instructor used me as his partner to demonstrate a few steps, and surprisingly, even though I haven't really danced in 20 years, I could! And people clapped but that is because the dance teacher kept saying lets give her a hand. At any rate, I didn't embarrass Child 3 except for the fact that I am alive and was dancing in public in front of her friends. Still. It was fun.

This photo of "Justin Bieber" being stopped by the police is better than a brownie.

You should never drive in bare feet. 

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