Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pioneering doubles

Husband has been complaining that we are watching The Food Channel too much. I won't admit that he's right, but we did watch cooking shows pretty much every day last week. But since one of the results was an incredibly delicious avocado and tangerine salad with my own home-made apple vinaigrette, then I don't think he should be complaining. It was, in a word, amazing and I would have licked the sides of the salad bowl if it hadn't been too small, so I just used my finger instead.

I'm in love with cooking shows the way I used to be with dancing shows. The difference is, I have a hope of recreating some of the amazing food at home, and aside from cotillion classes and the occasional Marine Ball overseas, I don't really get to dance all that much. The only problem is that I can hardly eat the food that I make. But at least I can taste it. Tonight we had pollo contadina, which I make with a lot of vegetables, and coconut pudding for dessert. Again, both delicious and inspired by all the food shows. And this week, two different people told me that I remind them of The Pioneer Woman to which I say both thanks, but I have better hair and also I would pit my mac and cheese against hers any day, and mine is even gluten-free.

Signing off now because it is Downton and Sherlock night which is pretty much the only non-food show night, so Husband will be happy. But before I do, I need to mention that a ghost ship infested with cannibal rats is not better than a brownie at all.


Apparently, this abandoned cruise ship broke loose while being towed and was floating around the Atlantic filled with cannibal vermin. Officials think it has probably sunk. In fact, they all really hope it has sunk because no one wants a ship full of rats that have turned into cannibals beaching on their shores. I hope so, too, because just the thought--shivers and not the good kind. Now, off to escape into good British drama shown on PBS. Love that PBS.

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  1. Actually, they have it backwards. The Pioneer Woman reminds me of you. (Only her hair's not as good.)