Sunday, September 14, 2014

Say that again. Go ahead. I dare you.

Remember those lazy weekends when you could sleep in, have a late brunch and take a long walk in the beautiful fall weather? Nope. Me neither. I haven't had one of those in over 18 years. And today was a doozy. The weather was gorgeous, but I didn't get to enjoy it for even 5 minutes because Child 3 was crying all morning and Child 2 decided to go on the warpath in the afternoon. She spent most of the afternoon yelling at me and calling her sister a punk and accusing everyone of hiding her stuff, which was not hidden but put in front of her bedroom door, which she had to step over to get out of her room. So no, definitely not hidden.

Where was Husband during all this commotion, you might ask, and the answer would be where he always is which is at work. Bidding, you know. So I am at home trying to help Child 3 stop crying long enough to finish her homework, learn about the three branches of government and write a campaign speech all the while fending off the barbs from Child 2 and Husband walks in right in the middle of it and tells me to lighten up. Yes. He said that. Lighten. Up. Well, since you know me by now, you know that that went over about as well as an elephant jumping a fence. He has since apologized.

The thing is, Child 2 is supposed to be the easy one. The one who does her homework and doesn't call people names and actually does the dishes when I ask. But now that Child 1 isn't here, she is yelling at everybody. I think it might be lack of sleep and also she misses her sister. I'm hoping it will pass and that we're not in the throes of angry teenage-girldom again.

So wish Child 3 good luck on her campaign for Student Council Vice President. I have no idea if she will win, but she has some great ideas, an awesome campaign speech, and is passing out candy, which is an acceptable and popular form of campaigning in 7th grade apparently. Speaking of campaigning, it is election season again. Someone local running for treasurer came by with his brochure wearing a US Embassy Tashkent polo shirt, so of course I asked him why he was in Tashkent. He was USAID, so I told him I was Foreign Service and he said, "thank you for your service." It made me want to cry. That is the only time anyone has ever said that to me. So now I'm definitely voting for him. Good campaign tactic! And also USAID people know about budgets.

Threatening to shoot an 11 year old boy over practicing the clarinet is in no way better than a brownie. I'm so angry that this woman ever thought that was acceptable that I'm not putting up her picture. She doesn't deserve the publicity. She is selfish and evil and I sincerely hope she loses her ability to own firearms forever. Honestly, what is wrong with people?!

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  1. Kids! Chances are, your middle child is really struggling with her promotion to oldest/older child, and is staggering under the weight of all that additional responsibility :-). She'll get over it. I remember the first time younger son was on his own when older brother went away for a week. Even though he'd thought he was looking forward to being the only child, turns out he really missed his brother -- he didn't sleep well the entire week! Of course, that was the LAST time he missed his brother...
    Take care,