Saturday, September 13, 2014

The friendships DO last long at Kellerman's!

The jet lag is a little better, although I still feel like a zombie at about 8pm. Like now it is 9:30 and my eyes are beginning to cross, but I told Child 1 that I would blog more so that she could know what's going on at home. So here is what is going on--bidding. The thing about bidding is that it totally takes over your life so it's all you can think about. And this lasts for months. And then it starts invading your dreams. In fact, every time we bid, I have a premonition dream about where we're going to be assigned and I get all excited because I think I have ESP. You can tell I have ESP because so far we have been assigned to Lithuania and Burma, just like in my dreams.

The bidding thing is mostly what Husband and I talk about. So do the kids have homework? Did you write the DCM? Have you heard from Post? Who walked The Dog? Do we know anyone who can lobby for us? Why hasn't anyone walked The Dog? So that football game. . . oh, I just thought of who would be a good 360 for you! Why didn't anyone tell me we were out of dog food? Look at these pictures of housing! What about the schools? Is the high school any good? No, I said homework first, then dinner. Why is The Dog whining? You can't take dogs to that post? Don't tell the children, but now it's my favorite bid.

Even when we went out on a date for Thai food, we were talking about 360s (which are what the Department calls references) and which posts would have good restaurants and how we would have to bring a lot of gluten-free soy sauce in our consumables. In fact, I a so sick of bidding, that when my friend at work suggested we have a girls' day out, I jumped, leaped really, at the chance to NOT talk about bidding. Especially when I learned we were going to this:

Yes, we saw Dirty Dancing, the musical. It was very, very like the movie, except the guy playing Johnny couldn't act. But he could kind of dance, so that was good. And it was fun to be with friends, and man does my friend "Sunn" love the movie. She bought the sweat jacket that says This Is My Dance Space and I'm kind of jealous because that is my favorite part of the movie/musical. The only sad note of the day is that I now have the Kellerman's Anthem running through my head and I can't get it out. Somebody help! No more voices and hands and hearts, please.

You know what is not better than a brownie? Joking about violence perpetrated by NFL players. So you all know I love football, but I do not love the fact that millionaire football players think it's OK to beat up women and children. Personal violence is not OK, and if you can't learn to leave it on the field, you don't deserve to play professional sports. I don't care how good you are. It's time for us to stop giving people a pass just because they're famous athletes. Thank goodness for people like CBS Sportscaster James Brown who called it like it is and said real men care about being respectful to women and that, "For instance, when a guy says ‘you throw the ball like a girl,’ or ‘you’re a little sissy,’ it reflects an attitude that devalues women. And attitudes will eventually manifest in some fashion.” I think I love him.

OK. Child 3 just asked who Isaac Mizrahi is and why do fashion designers have such weird hair. So I have to fix that. And no, that's not contradictory. The awesome thing about being a modern woman is having choices, so I can love football and fashion. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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