Sunday, October 13, 2013

Home again.

So I'm back home and I'm still blogging on my phone because I am way, way too jet lagged to walk up the stairs to by bedroom and turn on my computer. I got back yesterday after flying overnight to Paris and connecting there back to DC. And before you get jealous abot the Paris thing, let me remind you that Charles Degaul Airport is not a very comfortable place to stay for five hours. And also, I am allergic to chocolate and wheat, so there was nothing to eat. Luckily,  I still had some gluten free pretzels left and some peanut butter so I ate that with an orange for breakfast,  along with some awful but supposedly healthy juice.  It was a pretty sad meal for being in Paris.

So now I am completely exhausted. The children want to play a game tonight and I said I would if they can find a game where I don't have to do anything but lie on the couch. For instance, we could play hide and seek and I'll just lie here and count to 100 and then go find them in the morning. Or we could play the quiet game. I will so win unless I start snoring.

Speaking of snoring,  Paris is also an awful place to be if you are allergic to perfume,  which of course I am. I sneezed for five hours straight and had a runny nose a d watery eyes for the whole flight because apparently if you buy Parisian perfume in the duty free, you need to spray a lot of it on once you get on the plane. I still have a headache.

I'll try pictures of my trip tomorrow. Right now I need to lie here and pretend to play pictionary. I'll just guess with my eyes closed.

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