Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mending and sculpting

Some of you may remember from my previous blog that our church does a "Trunk or Treat" party every year. You decorate the trunk of your car and the kids come around and trick or treat to each car. It's really an excuse to eat more Halloween candy, but I'm all in favor of eating as much Halloween candy as possible, especially since you never know when you will become allergic to chocolate and never again be able to eat a Tootsie Roll. Eat it now while you can, people!

Anyway, the first year we were here, we just decorated our trunk with our usual fall/Halloween decorations--you know, sparkly ghost garlands, cute pumpkins, broom parking signs, etc. And we were so wrong we stood out like a sore thumb. Stupid novices, we were. What we didn't realize is that you need a theme to win. So last year, we did Christmas and we decorated our car like the North Pole and dressed up as elves and we totally would have placed if someone else didn't have the same exact idea, which they did. So this year, we are going all out and I am creating an original work of art in the form of a cardboard life-size prickly pear sculpture. Yes, a big, Texas-sized prickly pear and we had better win because I am sick to my stomach still from the Africa stomach disease I brought back, and the smell of permanent marker is making me sick, yet I am still cutting out prickly pear leaves with an exacto knife because we don't have any scissors that can cut through cardboard well. When it is finished, which it will by by Saturday if I have to make Husband stay up all night in order to finish it, (just kidding--it will be Child 1 who does the all-nighter) it will be by far the most original decoration there and if we don't place at least, I will be very, very disappointed. But whatever the case, I will memorialize that sculpture with lots of facebook posts and maybe even a picture on the blog. This is what a prickly pear looks like for those of you who have forgotten.

My Cowboy Grandpa would be proud. He is the one who taught me how to pick and peal prickly pear fruit, which I was really, really tempted to do this summer when we were in Arizona. And just because I'm missing him at this moment, here is a picture of Arizona.

Delivering your own baby on the way to the hospital is definitely not better than a brownie. This woman's mother was driving her to the hospital to deliver when they realized the baby was coming too fast. 

So she took off her pants, leaned her seat back, and caught the baby. I don't even want to imagine what it was like, and I am really, really grateful that I gave birth to all my children in a hospital while under the influence of lots of drugs. Extremely long labors are good for something after all.

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  1. Not true. Your first year trunk was fabulous and I loved it. So there!

    Artemis who actually owns a bunch of prickly pears