Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Because I don't feel like it

I am exhausted. I've been in my pajamas since 7:30, but I can't convince my family to let me go to bed. First there was dinner to be cooked and then there were dishes to be done and homework to be helped and hair curlers to be put in. Plus I had to tell Husband to stop diagnosing himself on the internet and make an appointment to see a doctor which if he actually has the thing he diagnosed himself with, he had better do soon or he'll be in a wheelchair. (He doesn't have it. Nobody every has what they self diagnose or else Child 3 really did have Toxic Shock Syndrome last year and I currently have pancreatic cancer. She didn't and I don't, so he is not likely to either.)

So the upshot is I didn't make it to World Market today. Maybe tomorrow because the children will all be off at an activity which Child 3 is driving them to and other people are chaperoning, so if I can ditch Husband, I can go get some ornaments! Child 1 called them "orgamets" when she was little and I still miss that.

Child 2 would like me to apologize for my bad blogging behavior and let you all know that she has taken nutrition classes and she knows what healthy food is. The fact that she didn't put any on the list on her own is beside the point. So, Child 2, I am sorry for implying that you like unhealthy food. However, I have to point out that there is nothing wrong with liking unhealthy food. I, myself, am very fond of brownies and really, really miss them on days like this. so here is a picture of scrumptious brownies because this is as close as I can get to them without feeling sick. I used to make awesome peppermint frosted brownies. Nothing is better than that. Not a thing, at least that I can think of today.

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