Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Tonight was my favorite of the Christmas concert. It was the 6th grade band's turn and they played 5 songs. 5! It was 25 minutes long. And there were no solos. None. Not a one. And no long boring student compositions either. It was perfect and ended with Feliz Navidad, which is not spelled with a "c". (Husband take note.) It is super funny that Husband thought it was spelled "felice" because for many, many years I have had to listen to how he was a spelling bee champion and how important spelling is and he can't spell "Merry Christmas." OK, he can't spell it in Spanish, but still, I can spell something he can't!

I have this theory that studying so many foreign languages is the reason I can't spell. Does address have two ds and one s or is it the other way around and isn't there an e on the end? These are the things that go through my head when I'm typing because I can't remember the difference between German and Norwegian and French and English spelling and so I just guess and thankfully there is Google and spell checker. Spelling is a big thing in the Department because apparently if you can't spell or you make a comma error, you are not worthy of promotion. Seriously. No. I'm not joking. I so wish I were joking.

You see, the promotion panels have to rank hundreds and hundreds of files, and so, to make things easier on themselves, they count the spaces after each period and if there aren't two--down you go. Same with spelling. One typo can mean being mid-ranked (which means not promotable) even in a year where you single-handedly rescued hundreds of Americans from certain death during a fire storm, or whatever. You could actually make world peace and you would not get promoted if you mistakenly wrote worlde peace and good-bye ambassadorship for you if you say I single-handedly created world peace because according to spell check, handedly is not a word and therefore you are not ambassador material. Or materiel. Or materielle? You would think that people who are also in a job that forces you to learn so many foreign languages would be a little understanding on the spelling issue. But you would be so very, very wrong.

Child 3 thinks Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream is better than a brownie.

I'm not sure because I haven't had chocolate ice cream in so long. But we went after the concert tonight and I saw this which I totally think would be better than a brownie.

Quick, someone try it out for me and tell me if it isn't as delicious as I imagine. For your sake, I hope it is, but for mine, I really hope it's not.

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