Friday, December 13, 2013


Today was another sick day. I am really tired of sick days and really just tired. And I'm sure you're tired of reading about them. And I can't even write about food because I mostly just ate chips today because I didn't feel like cooking. And I did at least get a clean bill of health from my slightly longer than yearly mammogram so I can prove to the Department that I don't have cancer because I didn't have cancer in China.

And then Child 2 and Child 3 had a Christmas recital and they played Christmas music on the piano in front of all of Gabrielle's piano students and their families. It was a little nerve wracking, but they were amazing. And Gabrielle is a great piano teacher.

Being in Hawaii would be better than a brownie.

I read this awesome article about what Hawaiians dislike the most about tourists, and the answer was really nothing. Aside from littering, the typical dumb tourists who don't know where they're going and don't understand the culture and crowd all the shopping malls didn't bother the locals in the least. Because they are awesome and the spirit of Aloha is a real thing.

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