Saturday, December 21, 2013

Never give up, never surrender!

I went beck to the DMV today. I know you are thinking that is a horrible way to spend a Saturday and you would be right. I think the only thing worse than trying to get service on a Saturday at the DMV would be having to work on a Saturday at the DMV. I felt very, very sorry for the employees because you can tell the DMV is a horrible place to work because I don't think any of them smiled even once. I smiled a lot and was as pleasant as could be because I was determined to get out of there with the two things I needed, and after having been four times and not getting anything, I wasn't at all confident. But this time I was prepared with lots of forms and evidence and I won! I got both of the things I wanted and even a grunt from the employee which I will take as a positive response to my "happy holidays!"

Then I went and picked up my last few presents and got some lunch with Child 1. Then home for a nap and then food shopping. Lille Jul Aften is on Sunday and it's time to get cooking. So I went to three different stores, because I can get most of everything at BJs, and dairy free whipped cream at the organic market, and short grain rice at the Asian market, which also had Ambasa and fried rice and kimbap. This is Ambasa. I know it's weird, but get over the fact that it looks like watered down milk, and you'll realize it is the best soda ever. Really. If you disagree, I will fight you.

And this is kimbap.

Husband asked what the occasion was and why I was bringing home Korean food because I don't normally voluntarily go out and get Korean food on my own. Ever. But this is not because I don't like Korean food, but is because when we were married, I didn't realize that ever single time we went out to eat, Husband would suggest Korean food. Seriously. For years, we couldn't go out to a "nice" restaurant that wasn't Korean. And now, since I can't have soy sauce or imitation crab, we can't ever again. But there it was, kimbap all nicely wrapped up and right next to a package of japchae and next to that was shrimp fried rice without soy sauce and Husband is working hard on a back splash for the kitchen so there is nowhere to cook, so I brought home Korean food. And the children were very, very happy because they love Korean food.

A newly rediscovered Van Gough is better than a brownie. This painting had been in a private collection until just recently when it was donated to the National Gallery of Art, which just happens to be very close to where I live. Artemis, I'm so sad you aren't here any more to go see this with me. I hope you have a safe trip to your Enchanted Castle. Here is a photo of that painting, if it makes you feel better.

One of Van Gogh's Last Paintings Unveiled

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