Friday, December 6, 2013

I told her so!

Child 1 got into college. I knew she would. One of her schools has already responded, even though the deadline was mere days ago. Not only did they call and leave her a message telling her she got in, they have already sent two e-mails. So congrats, my sweet girl! I told you you'd get in. Moms know these things.

So back to last night, we caught the end of the Sound of Music thing on NBC and it is the only time I will ever yell at the TV for Capt. Von Trapp to just marry the baroness already and forget the boring nanny. It's safe to say that I didn't like it, and given the comments I saw on facebook, neither did much of America. It's not so much that Carrie Underwood isn't Julie Andrews, because nobody else will ever be Julie Andrews, or that you can't get the Austrian Alps onto a sound stage. I mean, how do you make this a backdrop?

No, it's that Carrie Underwood's last name is entirely descriptive of her acting ability which was extremely wooden and way understated which is to say so understated that you couldn't tell that she was acting because it sounded like she was just reading off the script for the first time. I would feel sorry for her, but she probably made a boatload of money for all that non-acting.

These macaroons might not be better than a brownie, but I think they're worth a shot.

Cherry Macaroon Rosettes

Festive and delicious and gluten free. Oh, and not chocolate. I really miss chocolate. And brownies. Did I mention that I like brownies?

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