Sunday, September 15, 2013

But it was only one!

One piece of chocolate candy corn. One. That's all it takes to make me sick. I'm so mad at myself because I thought just a tiny little bit would be OK and I wasn't even sure if it was real chocolate because it said "chocolate flavoring" but apparently I am also allergic to "chocolate" as well as the real thing and now I am paying for it. Really. It was just a tiny bit! See, it's just a tiny stripe at the edge of the candy. Sometimes I really hate being allergic to chocolate.

Also it didn't help that we watched the Cake Boss tonight and Child 3 said why do we torture ourselves watching a show where everything they make we will never be able to eat? But we liked the show long before we knew we were allergic to wheat and it's habit, I guess.

This dress is not better than a brownie. I'm not sure who from Project Runway designed it, but I certainly hope they got a big "Auf Wiedersehen!" Just exactly what was this challenge? Make a dress that turns a woman into a tree, and make it as ugly as possible? Well then, mission accomplished!


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