Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stupid beautiful weather

I am to tired to blog, so this will be rather short. Having dinner with friends you haven't seen in years is better than a brownie. You know what is not better than a brownie? Taking typhoid vaccine at the same time as yellow fever. I did not know this when I told the doctor sure, give me all the shots at once. And also she did not tell me that this is a combination that is guaranteed to make you so sick all weekend that you wish the yellow fever would just kill you and get it over with. Really, the disease has to be incredibly horrible if this is how you feel after the vaccine.

Anyway, my arm still hurts, I am sick to my stomach like I was before I discovered the wheat, and I am exhausted. I am also mad because it was apparently a beautiful weekend, but I wouldn't know because I spent most of it in bed. Except for tonight when seeing our friends again cheered me immensely.

And then to make myself feel better, there is this.

jen wegner notforreuse

Once in 2nd grade, Child 1 drew a picture of her family for school. She replaced Child 2 with a brother and Child 3 with a dog. This is way better because this little brother actually acts like a cat. Adorable. Weird, but really adorable.

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  1. Artemis loves you. She's hard to find and hard to track down and deep in the midst of yuck, but she loves you.

    Hope that helps.