Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Whyyyyyy todayyyyyy?

I'm in the middle of a fight between to offices. Child 2 asked if it was like being the referee in a football game between cats and dogs. I said yes, exactly like that, except I am not the referee, I am the ball. I feel beat up, used, and worn out. I may or may not survive. And it won't at all change the fact that I still absolutely love the work I do. I'm just going to avoid a couple of people for a while and hide out in my cubicle. I can do that because I am low on the totem pole and I am good at avoiding people. We'll see if this works. Child 3 says I need some football pads so it won't hurt while I'm getting kicked around. It may come to that. If you see a small woman walking around DC wearing a football uniform, you'll know it's gotten ugly. I won't be smiling like this.

I am tired and exhausted after my very long day. The highlight was lunch with friends who make me laugh. One of them told stories of when people in the third world country she was living in would try to bring a live goat onto the plane by saying it was their hand luggage. It happened multiple times. Apparently goats were very important there. I am still giggling.

You know what is better than a brownie? Witnessing a kid give money back to a blind man who had it stolen from him by someone else. Here is a picture of the kid who works at DQ who looks a little like he could be on Glee.

Joey Prusak (photo: Joey Prusak)

What happened was a regular customer who is blind dropped $20 without knowing it. The woman behind him in line picked it up and put it in her purse. The kid confronted her and told her to give the money back. When she didn't and stormed out of the store, he gave the regular customer $20 out of his own pocket. So to that kid at the DQ in Minnesota, Bravo! And to that woman who took the money, I hope your soul was worth that $20 because surely, if there is a Hell, stealing money from a blind man will send you there pretty quickly.

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