Sunday, September 22, 2013

Should I be nervous?

I am going to Africa at the end of the week. Really. For two weeks for work. Unfortunately, I'm not going to the part where you can see elephants on the beach, but I might actually get to see a beach from the window of my hotel room although only at night because I will be working the whole time. However, it should still be a good trip and very exciting because I have never been to Africa. Again, this is not a picture of where I am actually going, but it does look amazing, doesn't it?

I will have one weekend there, and if I survive my trip on "Bob Air," I plan on spending one day in the rain forest canopy looking for monkeys. No, Bob Air is not the real name of the airline, which I will not post at all unless the flight turns out to be smooth and on time and not in the oldest plane ever. I have not heard much good things about flying around Africa and I am really hopeful that none of my flights are "preponed" which is apparently an Indian word for what they do when they decide to leave way earlier than the scheduled departure time without informing you. This is a thing in Africa, I am told. We'll see. In any case, it will be an adventure--especially for the children because Husband will be on his own and in charge of dinner, laundry, homework, etc for two weeks. However long it is, it won't be as long as the 369 bad days when he was in Afghanistan.

Winning an Emmy has got to be better than a brownie, and Merritt Wever won one tonight, much to her surprise.

First, I gotta say I LOVE her dress. I may steal that look for the next Marine Corps ball I go to. And second, this was her Emmy speech: Thank you so much. I gotta go. Bye.

I'm guessing she was a little nervous, but she may become and awards ceremony icon with that one. Congratulations, Merritt! And seriously, where did you get that dress, and does it come in my size?

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