Monday, September 23, 2013

Xīhóngshì chǎo jīdàn

We had gluten free Chinese food tonight from our favorite place--my stove. You know you are craving Chinese food when you decide to make it yourself. It was just fried rice and Child 2's favorite food besides sushi which is西红柿炒鸡蛋 or Xīhóngshì chǎo jīdàn or œufs sur le plat avec les tomates or تخم مرغ سرخ شده با گوجه فرنگی (گوجه فرنگی). Obviously I can't think of anything to write about so I'm wasting time translating scrambled eggs with tomatoes. It is actually Child 2's ultra-favorite. Whenever someone asks her what her favorite food is, she gives them the Chinese name. Then she just stands there blinking at them like of course her cousins from Utah will understand Mandarin! Then someone translates for her. She doesn't think it odd at all that she loves Chinese food and sushi and bulgogi and that her mom is going on a business trip to Africa. And I love that about her.

This is my week for helping the children with projects. Child 3 is determined to modge podge her Hello Kitty lunchbox of shame which I bought for her on purpose because she first lost her lunch box and then she lost mine. She is not a big Hello Kitty fan. Listen, if there had been a Justin Bieber lunch box, I would have bought her that one. But Hello Kitty was the best I could do. I thought maybe a little embarrassment would help her to find one of the other lunch boxes. But no such luck, so we're going to modge podge it. This is what a modge podge lunchbox looks like for those of you who don't speak "crafty." Hers will be plaid and stripes, but no Beatles.

Modeling Dream Comes True for Karrie Brown, Girl With Down Syndrome

She started a facebook page that showcased her in a different Wet Seal outfit every day.The store caught wind of the page and said if she got 10,000 likes, they would give her the trip of a lifetime. She did and they did. They flew her to LA, sent her to Disneyland, then gussied her up for a photo shoot and she is their newest model. I just have to say--Wet Seal, you are awesome! I knew there was a reason I like your store! I took the girls shopping there on Saturday, and if I had heard about this campaign, I would have bought even more. You are the anit-Abercrombie, so in my book, that make you the tops.

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