Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maybe if I squint. . .

It is game day and I have a migraine. This is completely unfair because it is THE game. And I want to watch. So maybe if we turn off the sound--that still won't block out the yelling. You would think I would have learned to not yell when I have a migraine, but it is THE game, and it might just not be possible, especially since we are losing.

You see, I love football. I love football so much that I can't watch it any more. I get too invested and become a crazy person and almost go into labor, which is quite a trick since I last was pregnant 11 years ago. So I stopped following football years ago. It was just safer for all concerned. And then we went overseas and it was harder to find a way to watch, and then there was the whole year of being sick while Husband was in Afghanistan and we didn't watch much of anything but Netflix that year. So now I am watching THE game with a migraine and ow. But we're inside the 20 and we have to score!

Paying for parking with these might be better than a brownie.

Apparently, a company in England has been accepting horse chestnut seeds in lieu of cash for parking. To promote environmental protection. I'm not sure how that works. But OK! I hope they figure out what to do with all the chestnuts because they've collected over 1,500. They did have to remind people that they couldn't pay with nuts in automated machines. Watching someone try to shove a nut in a coin slot would be better than a brownie, but only if you're not in line behind them.

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