Friday, September 27, 2013

Ready, set. . .

I'm packing. Husband is not helping very much. He is not re-folding for me or telling me not to put the shoes on top of my white shirts. To be fair, though, I'm only bringing one white shirt and it's packed in my carry on. I might switch it out, though. Maybe black would be better? I don't know! I'm all stressed about what to wear and what not to wear and if I should bring navy shoes, or maybe just black and white? I don't know! Can you wear white after Labor Day in Africa? Is it a very bad idea to bring white shoes to a place where the roads might not be paved? Are the roads paved where I'm going? And if they're not, can I still take a taxi? These are all questions I have that cannot be answered until I get there, so I think I'm going with the navy shoes. But I can't find my periwinkle shirt and the whole thing might just fall apart without it. So I need to stop blogging and start packing.

OK one more thing about fashion. I bought one of those "security" purses to take on the trip. It has an RFID protecting pocket and the zippers lock and the strap has a steel cable inside. And it is safe and secure, and the very ugliest purse I have ever owned. Somebody please make an attractive and secure handbag that isn't the color of mud and about as aesthetically pleasing as a plastic grocery bag?

Actually, I think the plastic bag might be cuter.

Congress is not getting its act together just as I predicted. But you know what is also not better than a brownie? Killer hornets.

Remember all those stories about the killer bees from Africa? Well, these hornets eat bees and they are every bit as deadly as they look. Their sting apparently feels like a nail driving into your skin and their venom causes your flesh to decay. So far they are mostly in China, but if you want to scare yourself to death, look at the map of where the hornets will eventually live. My only hope is that I will be already dead by the time they get to DC.

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