Monday, September 2, 2013

The Doom Has Come Upon Me

It is that most dreadful of all nights--a school night. Specifically, it is the night before the first day of school and the children are panicking. OK, actually the children are acting as if nothing is different than any other day this summer and they can stay up as long as they want and I am the one who is panicking because who will get the blame tomorrow if they can't find their backpack/lunch box/shoes/picture form? I'll give you a hint. Not Husband. And not The Dog.

Ugh, The Dog is only making trouble today as if she knows something is up. First, she stole my shoe, then she was convinced that the wind is evil and must be stopped which of course she can accomplish by barking at it. Then, I have to get up at 5:30 am and walk her. I hate school mornings because it means the end of my meager sleeping in. That is, if you can call getting up at 6:00 am rather than 5:25 "sleeping in." And I am not a morning person.

You will be happy to know that the straws all made it through the night and the curls turned out very "Merida" like and might even make it until tomorrow. Also, I went to the Mall and all I bought was some mascara and some gluten-free pizza mix. And some maxi-dresses for Child 1, but I don't think that should count, especially since she cleaned out her room (finally!) and handed down a bunch of stuff to Child 2 and some to Child 3 (it has been a long time since she cleaned out her drawers) and gave even more to the thrift store. Child 3 called the hand-me-downs her "pile of awesomeness." Obviously she hasn't experienced enough hand-me-downs in her life. I do not really remember them being so awesome, but then, mine were in the era of polyester and they probably weren't all that awesome to begin with. There was this one shirt with a heart on it that had a jacket sort of attached that I loved that had been my sisters and then this kid in 4th grade spilled green paint all over me and the shirt was completely ruined. I cried.

You know what is almost as good as a brownie? Winning the State Fair Giant Cabbage competition. You know what makes it better than a brownie? Doing it when you're 10 years old. Oh, and it's in Alaska. Here is the winning vegetable.

So congrats, Keevan! That is definitely an accomplishment and thank your boy scout buddies for helping you carry that thing in. It is huge. Now, as a prize, do you get to not eat it?

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