Thursday, September 26, 2013

In my defense, I was comatose

So apparently I missed last night which I have very little memory of anyway. I think I went to bed around 7:30. AM. And didn't get up until the next day. It's all a blur, but I did watch a few episodes of Grimm which I am addicted to now. It's a very weird show and I can't stop watching it. Also, did they pick this actor because he sounds so much like Tom Cruise? When he starts sounding Tom-ish, I have to turn it off because I am not a big Tom Cruise fan. But then I forget he sounds so much like him and I start watching again. I do like the actress who plays his girlfriend Juliette. I think she's quite pretty. And I so love Monroe.

We got a list of TDY opportunities today. Some of them require Spanish which I don't have, but some posts are so desparate, they'll take anyone. Like Sana'a. I could go there for four months over Christmas. I jokingly told Husband I was thinking about it and he said hey that's a good idea so we could use the money to go to the wedding. See his nephew is getting married on December 27th and we're not sure we can afford to go. So basically I would go live in a war zone for four months while everyone else spent the money on a family vacation. This does not sound like a fair plan to me. If I am going to Sana'a for four months, I am getting hard wood floors and a trip to the Bahamas, thank you very much.

But I'm not really going to Sana'a. I am however going to sleep. So today, you know what is not better than a brownie? The threat of a government shut down. If congress just once could get their act together and do what they are supposed to do which is make a budget, it would be a miracle and the world would end right at that moment. Congress must sense that since they are doing nothing but arguing the same things they have argued about for years now and will. Not. Compromise! No! Never! So we will probably not get a budget and federal workers and their families will pay again for congress' "principals" which as far as I can tell mean "I get what I want and I am never wrong and you are a doofus and evil and must bow to my superiority." Yes, congress is a bunch of 3rd grade playground bullies. May the heavens preserve us from their stupidity. I know, I know, we elected them. But honestly, I only voted for a couple and they seemed like reasonable people at the time. Who are all these crazy people and how do we get rid of them? ah, yes. by voting. Oh well. better luck next time.


  1. The founding fathers never considered this, but N and I were discussing the need for an etch-a-sketch solution to congressional difficulties of this nature. I was also reading (in a novel about the turn of the last century) that suggested that the very nature of a "salon" was that one had to do all one's arguing with politeness and that THIS made one's thinking clearer and more effective. It was an idea that resonated with me in the face of our current um, congressional struggles. k.

  2. I think I've discovered that I cannot spell after taking Nyquil. Also, I don't even remember writing this post. I should not be allowed to blog when I have taken cold medicine. Then again, I was pretty spot on about congress.