Friday, November 22, 2013

A girl's best friend

I love jewelry. Love. It. Love it so much that I own too much to take it all with my in my carry-on when we move, so I hide it in different boring household items when we pack up the house and I pray that no one finds it before I do. This has worked so far, but I suppose at some point I might have more than I can handle. And that is not a problem because I assure you I will find a way to handle it. Yeah, I have way more than this.

See, the very bestest most awesomest thing about living in China was that we were down the street from the pearl market. Literally down the street. We could walk there, and when the weather was nice and you couldn't see the air you were breathing, we did. And I learned so much about jewelry. I am now almost as good as a jeweler at telling which stones are which and which ones are real and that good jade is both translucent and milky and that rubies are almost pink and that sapphires also can be pink and that tourmaline comes in watermelon colors and that everything you think is aquamarine isn't but is usually blue topaz which is pretty but is not aquamarine. These are blue topaz.

This is an aquamarine. See how it's just a little more like the sea, and thus "marine"?

I know. You don't really care, but dang it, I can spot the difference and tell you which is which without a jeweler's loupe and all this knowledge is just going to waste! To waste, I tell you! Because now that we don't live in China, I can't afford jewelry. It almost makes me want to bid on Asia again. (I said almost, Husband. They have jewelry in Africa, too!)

This wedding picture is better than a brownie. It's a lovely picture of a newlywed couple kissing in Times Square. But it's not her dress or hair or his tux that make it so awesome. See if you can figure it out.

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Yes, that is Zach Braff, the movie star photo bombing their picture. Awesome. I totally want to go to Times Square and get photo bombed by a movie star! What a lucky couple, except that they are from Germany and may not know who Zach Braff. But that's what Google is for.

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