Saturday, November 2, 2013

The perfect party

Here is how you host the perfect birthday party for 11 year old girls. First, you put Child 3 in charge of the invitations knowing that she is going to forget to include RSVP information even though you reminded her to. Then you make sure she forgets to give out the invitations until a couple of days before the party. Then when only two girls show up for the Spa Day, you have the perfect party because two eleven year olds plus the birthday girls means you can go out to Elevation Burger for lunch and everyone gets to have their nails done and it's not too loud or stressful. She had a ball, and then we went to get her ears pierced and she is one very happy girl.

I still have leftover bronchitis, but my lungs aren't burning any more. So I suppose that's progress. I missed Halloween completely because I took two different kinds of cold medicine at the same time which I think you are not supposed to do because I was out the entire day. Seriously. Not even awake enough to hand out candy. Child 2 gave out the candy and she did an awesome job wearing her cow girl costume and saying Happy Halloween Y'all. I love me some Texas Halloween. At least I think she did. I don't really remember. Somebody needs to monitor my cold medicine dosage because apparently I am not capable of not overdosing myself.

So anyone who knows me knows that I love ladybugs. I collect them. Not the actual insects, because that would be icky. But I have ladybug jewelry and pot holders and Christmas ornaments. Husband called the little girls ladybugs from when they were born, and I think they are adorable. We even made Child 3 be a ladybug for Halloween two years in a row when she was tiny. But having your house be invaded by real ladybugs would not be better than a brownie.

It would definitely be better than cockroaches, but as cute as they are, a swarm of them would still creep me out. Plus, given that I am allergic to everything, they would probably give me hives. Operation dust mite eradication is beginning. We have vowed to get rid of all the stuff we don't absolutely need in the hopes that there will be less dust and that I will stop getting sick. We'll see. I'm kind of excited about hardwood options, though. I'll keep you posted.

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