Friday, November 8, 2013


Did you know that Olive Garden has a gluten free menu? Well they do and I had pasta for dinner and it was yummy. Child 1 had chicken parmesan which may be her favorite dish ever and I need to figure out how to make it without gluten. More experiments to come. We also bought some salad dressing because it is delicious and makes the children eat salad. Plus, red onions marinated in that dressing are to die for.

After dinner we went to World Market and got marzipan pigs. Yes, it is that time of year again and we are already preparing for Lille Jul Aften which is the most important holiday in our family besides Thanksgiving because it is all about food. We also bought smoked salmon because it is much cheaper at World Market. And now that I have taken care of that, I can focus on Thanksgiving and how to make my own french fried onions because I have the pie crust all figured out and the children are determined to have that green bean casserole because we have it every year and. It. Is. Tradition!

We do not break Thanksgiving traditions even for the cause of gluten free and preserving Mom's health. Our menu is set in stone and I can vary from it on pain of giving The Dog all my shoes to chew which is way worse than death. Those children are tyrants when it comes to holiday meals. I was also informed tonight that there will be turkey for Christmas dinner, too because "we" like that better than roast beef or ham.

Just so you know, marzipan isn't better than a brownie, but it will do. So will maple sugar candy which they also have at World Market. I love that store.

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